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Leadership can be taught. It is a plan of action that ​can be learned and repeated in order to consistently ​produce success.

At Win The Day Leadership, we're passionate about ​unlocking the leadership potential in every individual. ​Our practical, affordable trainings are designed to ​help organizations of all sizes reach their goals and ​achieve success.

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Our Curriculum

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The Six Pillars of Leadership

Do you want to lead? Through ​research and experience, Win The ​Day Leadership will train you in the ​six essential leadership pillars to ​build your leading le​gacy.

Inspiring Co​ntent

To inspire someone is to move ​them towards action. We don’t just ​talk to leaders, we PUSH leaders. ​Become inspired by our dynamic ​content that will leave you feeling ​empowered and m​otivated.

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A Winning Mindset

What does it mean to Win The Day? ​Each morning we face new ​challenges. Learn how to train your ​mind to overcome obstacles in order ​to achieve your greatest go​als.

Practical Skills

Do you know what you want to ​accomplish but don’t know how to ​do it? Let us show you how to set ​your goals and train you with the ski​lls to achieve the​m.

“What is leadership? It is the ​ability to make something or ​someone better than what it ​is. Leaders don’t see things for ​what they are, they see what ​they can be.”

- Jacob Rowe

“You want to sum up a ​great leader? Passion. Don’t ​you dare try to lead me in ​something you have no ​passion for! A leader’s eyes ​should light up when they ​talk about their vision. It ​should ignite a fire in ​everyone in the room.”

- Jacob Rowe

“If you want people to listen to ​you, talk to them. If you want ​them to learn from you, show ​them. If you want them to ​follow you, bleed for them.”

-Jacob Rowe

Our Vision

We believe anyone can lead. Leaders are made ​not born and we want to help future leaders ​ignite their passions and abilities to go change ​the world.

There is no greater investment than leadership. ​At the heart of every great movement there are ​leaders paving the way. We want to provide ​resources for you to have the ability to lead ​those around you with conviction and vision.

If you are ready, come join us as we...


Services and Booking

Services and Booking

Discover the Services Available for Your Event.

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  • Graduation Speeches
  • Convocation Speeches
  • Staff Development
  • End of Year Banquets
  • Leadership Training
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  • Sports Banquets
  • Program Development
  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Data Driven Team Analysis
  • Pre Game Speeches

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Motivational Speakin​g

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Topical Lectures
  • Headline Speaker of Events
  • Deliver Engaging Speeches
  • Energetic and Inspiring
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Energetic Prese​ntations

  • Leadership Presentations
  • Engaging Lectures
  • Applicable Skills
  • Practical Information
  • Educational and Challenging


Jacob's speech was ​invigorating! It left me feeling ​empowered and eager to take ​on the world as a leader. I ​would certainly listen to him ​again.

Jason Thompson

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After having Jacob come for a ​leadership presentation our ​team was motivated and ​immediately started ​implementing his tactics to ​accomplish our goals. This was ​a great experience.

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Dr. Raven Thames

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Fun, energetic, and practical. I ​did not expect this kind of ​presentation. This was not ​your usual, “sit and get” ​training I am used to. This was ​fun, authentic, and extremely ​useful.

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Edward Owens

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Jacob Rowe Bio

Jacob is a leadership expert who delivers high-energy ​presentations that challenge audiences to develop a mindset of ​winning while also improving their leadership skills. Audiences ​love his practical strategies that can be applied personally and ​professionally. Meeting planners love working with Jacob, often ​describing him as a ball of energy that leaves everyone feeling ​inspired and motivated. His years of experience in speaking is ​sure to bring inspiration to any organization.

Jacob earned his Bachelor's of Arts with a Major in History from ​Tarleton State University as well as a certification to teach ​attained through TSU's education program. While at TSU he not ​only played college football but was a part of a conference ​championship team while being elected captain by his peers for ​two seasons. With player experience, college leadership ​opportunities, twelve years of public education and high school ​coaching experience, Jacob brings a variety of models and tools ​that have led to his success. From coaching state champions, ​earning the teacher of the year award, and being elected as a ​regional director for a major association, Jacob has a tried and ​true system guaranteed to improve any program, organization, ​or company's leadership abilities and overall results.

His strong background in education, development of athletic ​programs, managing large associations, and being a cancer ​survivor makes him the perfect fit for any speaking engagement. ​Organizations hire Jacob and Win the Day Leadership because ​of the implementable strategies that help leaders win the day ​internally and externally. He believes leaders are the greatest ​investment any organization can make and wants to help ​develop leaders that will bring about positive change to ​everything they touch. Jacob’s powerlifting team was just ​named the 2024 STATE CHAMPIONS of THSWPA and he was ​just elected at the THSWPA Secretary on his way to becoming ​President of THSWPA! Let him help you accomplish your ​leadership goals!

Jacob is currently married to his college sweetheart Charly. ​They have been married for twelve years and have two beautiful ​children.

Jacob is also from Texas. Why does that matter? Well, ​everything is bigger in Texas. He brings a big presence and an ​even bigger intensity that is guaranteed to motivate others to ​strive to be their best. Let him help you establish your vision and ​accomplish your goals today!

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